Public Speaking

Interviews, Television Appearances, Documentaries:  Aviation Week,  AP Network, Washington Post,  New York Time,  Los Angeles Times,  Space News, CNN,  Fox News,  CBS,  The Daily Show,  National Geographic (STS-101),  The Discovery Channel (STS-105).

Keynote Speeches:  10th International Mars Society Conference, 
2007 ICES ECLSS Conference,  International Space Medicine Summit, Houston, TX,  2007 Reliability and Maintainability Conference, California Space Authority,  Space Telescope Science Institute,  Administrative Solutions Conference.

Other Speaking Engagements:
Experimental Aircraft Association Annual Fly-In,  Sun 'n Fun Annual Fly-In,  44th Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium,  Transforming Space Conference, Los Angeles, CA



Scott "Doc" Horowitz, Astronaut, PhD, Air Force Col. (ret), is a vibrant and forceful speaker, a perfect choice to headline your next event. He is sure to excite and motivate your audience delivering a wealth of information going beyond his powerful spaceflight experiences.  Dr. Horowitz encourages audiences to "reach for the stars" in life and their endeavors, and takes us on a journey into the future with his vision for the future of space exploration.


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